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Health awareness and women’s empowerment

We advocate loudly for better care for mothers and their babies, both born, and those as yet in the womb. Campaigns that focus on valuing our mothers, newborns, and unborn girls in particular have honed in on difficult themes including domestic violence and gender-selective abortion.

In 2018, the campaign #celebrateher focused on the value of mothers and unborn daughters.  The campaign brought together young talent in a competition to photograph their mothers.  By highlighting the everyday value of a mother to her children, we aimed to increase her value in society, and thus combat the attitudes that often lead to gender-based violence.

In the same year, we campaigned publicly to combat sex-selective abortion through a flash mob on the largest square in the capital city of Albania, Tirana.

In 2022 we are continue campaigning in a very focused way against gender-selective abortion through the campaign #tjeterheremevajze (next time may it be a girl!).  We are turning on it’s head a popular folk song entitled  “Tjeter herë me djalë” (next time may it be a son!) which lets on the persistent attitude here that sons are to be preferred.  We want to combat the message that extra daughters are to be avoided, so often through abortions, by amplifying the value of daughters.

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