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Physical donations for hospitals and needy mothers

Hospitals in Albania often lack appropriate, functional equipment, which greatly increases the risks of mortality for mothers and babies. Medical personnel work as hard as they can to supply the best care available, but often it’s not enough without the right equipment and facilities. Missing equipment, such as fetal heart monitors or x-ray machines, or outdated equipment, such as C-section or anesthesia, work stations, pose risks for hospital staff and patients alike.

The Mother & Child Hospital Foundation therefore works to equip hospitals with much needed new, up-to-date equipment and modernized working environments in order to better serve patients. Since we started our work the foundation has invested over $60,000 in new equipment, medical instruments and necessary furnishing as well as creating mother- and child-friendly spaces within the hospital.

Happy Beginning Project

Boxes of Joy

The Happy Beginnings Project provides the neediest mothers and their infants with boxes of baby essentials. This project is based on established best practices from Canada, Finland, and the UK.  The Happy Beginnings Project: Boxes of Joy supports our vision of every mother and newborn child in Albania receiving quality healthcare. By making available boxes of newborn essentials, we come alongside the medical staff and help them to provide that extra level of practical care many mothers giving birth at the hospital need.

We envision at-risk mothers encouraged and their babies given a healthier start as the community welcomes these newest and most vulnerable members, providing them essential items and connecting them to further support postpartum. Through this package, we also aim to connect vulnerable mothers and babies to ongoing support from individuals and organizations in the community.

Thanks to the project over 1500 mothers and their babes have had the opportunity to experience a Happy Beginning!

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